Oracle. Brand Rejuvenation

Client: Oracle Broadbeach (on behalf of KordaMentha)
Role: Concept, Design & Typesetting
Typefaces: Georgio Sans, Century Gothic
Completed while at Caramel Creative

The Oracle is the Gold Coast’s premier residential apartment development. Situated in the heart of Broadbeach, Queensland, it features two towers rising above the Gold Coast’s most desirable boulevard and across the road from the Pacific Ocean.

My role involved creating a brand and marketing strategy and rolling this out through a variety of mediums. Key activities included a complete photography and video shoot, elegant print collateral, engaging residential and retail advertising, websites, outdoor advertising, comprehensive precinct signage and a new sales suite.

All of these activities were aimed at making The Oracle the place to be to achieve the key objective of selling residential apartments.

This project was recently featured on FPO and can be viewed by following this link.



Hengyi. Young Guns of Wine Invite & Booklet

Client: Hengyi Australia
Role: Concept, Design & Typesetting
Typefaces: Futura
Completed while at Caramel Creative 

Hengyi Australia is a property developer based out of Melbourne, Australia.

I was tasked with creating a high end invite and booklet for a wine tasting hosted by Hengyi for the 'Young Guns of Wine' at their new residential development in downtown Melbourne.

Various techniques were utilised for the invite, including the use of Rich Black, as well as Triplex printing, all with the aim of conveying a sophisticated, high end event that reflected the quality of the event, and Hengyi as a company.  



W12 Quarterly Fashion Invite

Client: Oracle retail fashion week
Role: Concept, Design & Typesetting
Typefaces: Georgio Sans, Century Gothic
Completed while at Caramel Creative 

The W12 Quarterly Fashion Event is an event held in Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia.

Looking to create something sophisticated, high end and timeless a photo shoot was commissioned  of everyday clothing items. To set them apart, detailed, textured shots were taken that were abstract and beautiful in their own right, while still reflecting the fact that it was a fashion event. The strong tonality of the shots were further enhanced by converting them to greyscale.

This level of sophistication was further conveyed through the use of thick, tactile card with clean die cuts, all tied together via a strong typographic mark leaving invitees with no doubt about the high quality nature of the event they would be attending.

The project was recognised through an AGDA award in the printed media category in 2012, which can be viewed here.

Created in collaboration with Jayden Zernich, Justin Kane & Luke Schoknecht.


Te Kura Graphics.jpg

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu.
Environmental Graphics & Signage

Client: Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu
Role: Art Direction, Concept, Design & Typesetting
Typeface: National (Klim Type Foundry)

Window graphics were created through an intensive design process taking into consideration cultural, educational and social interpretations of the school. Due to the large number of Maori and South Pacific students at the school, a core part of the design was based around indigenous education and the use of Maori myth and folklore.

A weaving pattern was created, based on the 3 baskets of knowledge that was taken from the heavens by the demigod Tane. The endings of the pattern incorporated the schools full name 'Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu' and flowed off the Taurapa, or Stern piece of a Waka also symbolising the school and students continual journey.

The interior sliding door used the schools waiata, or theme song in an interesting manner - with the Maori version of the waiata being on the fixed, left door and the English version of the waiata being on the right sliding door. This had the effect that when the door was closed, the two languages were separate, but when the doors open, the two languages and cultures combined as was the goal of the school and its students.

Te Kura Window Graphics.jpg


Constance Apartments.
Quality Apartment Brand Strategy

Client: Pirovich Developers
Role: Concept, Design & Typesetting
Typeface: Archer
Completed while at Caramel Creative 

Aimed at first home buyers who already appreciated Hawthorn, Constance Apartments represented a quality development with a focus on superior construction and attention to detail.

I was tasked with creating a brand that spoke to these values in a sophisticated manner and could be successfully employed across a variety of collateral including print, digital, environmental and marketing.

Being on the greenbelt, a photo shoot was also commissioned to showcase the lifestyle
and amenities of the area.


Black Label Invitations

The Oracle is the Gold Coast’s premier residential apartment development.

I was tasked with creating something that was high end, bepoke and timeless, and above all would be a level above other marketing material that the cliental normally received.

Various print techniques were engaged - including silver foil (with punch) and white printing -  all completed on a carefully considered, thick, tactile, uncoated stock with a custom die cut design developed that revealed a message as the envelope was torn open.


Consegna. Medical technology brand strategy

Client: Consegna
Role: Concept, Design & Typesetting

Consegna is a company that delivers innovative medical technologies to the
global market by way of licensing.

It was my role to work with the client in building a brand that conveyed a sense of trust, reliability and confidence and roll this out across a variety of mediums including the digital space (website), as well as a suite of stationery.


Creativity Resource. Educational Resource Booklets

Client: Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu
Role: Art Direction, Concept, Design & Typesetting
Typeface: National (Klim Type Foundry)

Te Ara Hou (meaning 'new pathway') is an integrated and personalised program based on students individual needs, interests and goals.

Each unit of Te Ara Hou (TAH) is based on a theme that is reflected in the content and design. TAH07’s theme was 'Creativity'.

A suite of icons were created that reflected each different section of the course and helped to differentiate each booklet from another. These icons provided reference points throughout each section of the course and helped to create a fun, engaging program.